Срок реализации
8,5 месяцев
Апартаменты, 110 м2
Барселона, район El Poblenou
Квартира для молодой пары, живущей и работающей в двух городах - Москва и Барселона. Основная цель - комфортное проживание с возможностью пригласить гостей, устроить вечеринку. При этом была проработана привычная для владельцев стилистика с целью чувствовать себя дома в обоих городах.
Opening the door, we immediately take a step into the future: glossy white wall panels form a clear architectural structure. First of all , the panel fulfill their true functional purpose : hidden behind them three-dimensional space storage . In the hallway doors for a wardrobe for clothes , shoes and stone under the boxes for storing small things. Panel and go to the living room , in addition to the sealed box , forming a location for the home theater.
The kitchen is fully implemented by designers and studios Geometrix is a logical continuation of the overall concept. Kitchen island with him arising from the dinner table , hinged design with a hood made of Corian . Sliding glass partitions, based on the design center, can completely isolate the space of the kitchen from the living area.
The designers were tasked to allocate an isolated place in the office, and the number of windows do not allow a full bathroom with natural light. The decision of a panel of frosted glass, which had been hidden for LED strip, with the space, in the truest sense, a light window began to look more vivid and easier.
Table Arco I-con desk. Chair Vitra Aluminium Group. Bookcase Emmebi, mod. Sode
In this futuristic interior calibrated every last bend , all planes are functional and designed.